Establishment of a technology in the nonconventional carrot culture on perlite layer

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Diana CHETREANU, Nicolae ATANASIU

Soilles culture growing system are based on a new generation of rooting layers: inert, sterile, good permeability, uniform materials such as the perlite and rockwell. Perlite is physically stable, chemically inert and relatively cheap material. The porous nature of the cellular granule ensures a product that is light to handle, large quantities available moisture and has a strong capillary attraction for water [2]. It is free draining and well aerated, neutral pH, complete freedom from pests, pathogens and weed seeds [1]. All of these qualities make it ideal candidate rooting layer for commercial carrot crop production. Plant nutrition problems can be solved by application of nutrient solution. This solution must therefore provide all the essential macro and micro elements required for healthy growth and good development of carrot roots. Each nutrient from solution must be added at a rate which exactly matches its removal by the roots, that the toxicities can be avoided. A common problem associated with soilles culture is to find recipes for optimum nutrient solutions for each crop. The work of girl proposes testing of nutrient solutions and finding optimal prescription for the carrot crop in perlite layer. The main parameters, electroconductivity and pH have been monitored and adjusted function of the environment conditions and phenophases.

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Chetreanu D., Atanasiu N., 2012, Establishment of a technology in the nonconventional carrot culture on perlite layer. Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI, ISSN-L 2285-5653, 291-294.


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