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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXV, Issue 2
Written by Tomislav KARAŽIJA, Martina ŠTIMAC, Marko PETEK, Mihaela ŠATVAR, Boris LAZAREVIĆ

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of different doses of organic fertilizers on the content and dynamics of microelements in vine leaves on carbonate soil during three vegetation. The trial was performed according to randomize complete block design with 6 treatments (unfertilized, farmyard manure 20 t ha-1 and 40 t ha-1, peat 20 000 L ha-1 and 40 000 L ha-1, NPK (5-20-30) 500 kg ha-1+2x100 kg UREA kg ha-1) in 4 repetitions. Samples of vine leaves were taken three times during the growing period: at the flowering, 2 weeks after flowering and verasion stage. Statistically significant difference in iron leaf content was determined in the first vegetation year (verasion). The highest amount was determined in the treatment with 40 t ha-1 of farmyard manure (94 mg kg-1 Fe) and the lowest in the treatment with mineral fertilizers (79 mg kg-1 Fe). Statistically significant difference in the content of manganese was recorded in the second year of research (flowering). The highest amount was determined in control treatment (30.50 mg Mn kg-1), and the lowest amount in the treatment with NPK fertilizer 500 kg ha-1+2x100 kg UREA (18.50 mg Mn kg-1). In three years of research there were no significant differences between average values of zinc and copper.

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