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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVI, Issue 1
Written by Marko PETEK, Ivan PETKOVIĆ, Sanja FABEK UHER, Mihaela ŠATVAR VRBANČIĆ, Tomaš LOŠÁK, Vjekoslav TANASKOVIC, Tomislav KARAŽIJA

World market of vegetables is becoming less conservative and has been opening itself to new cuisines, as well as to new products. Broccoflower, high quality, nice looking plant crossbred from broccoli and cauliflower, has been making a slow but steady breakthrough to the market. Meanwhile, fast life accompanied by fast food had led to epidemic of nutritional disorders. Lack of iron, zinc and manganese are amongst them. That, alongside other reasons had induced the field experiment with broccoflower, aiming to determine the effect of foliar fertilization on the content of microelements iron, manganese and zinc in the bloom of broccoflower. The experiment was set according to the method of random bloc design with three repetitions and four foliar treatments (control, zinc (0.125 g 0.1 L-1),drin (0.1 mL 0.1 L-1) and boron (0.175 g 0.1 L-1)). The highest determined results show 0.87 mg of iron, 0.61 mg of zinc and 0.27 mg of manganese in 100 g of fresh matter broccoflower bloom without statistically significant differences between treatments. Those results show just how well stocked broccoflower is with these minerals, which should be useful in this plant’s breakthrough on domestic vegetable market, which is still quite conservative.

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