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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVI, Issue 1
Written by Voichița TIMIȘ-GÂNSAC, Adrian PETICILĂ, Lucian DINCĂ

Dobrogea Plateau is situated in southeast Romania, being bordered by Danube’s Meadow and Delta at West and North. The climate is temperate-continental, with reduced precipitations (around 400 mm/year) and a silvosteppe and steppe vegetation. Climate-Smart Forestry (CSC) is a branch of the forest’s smart management that focuses on the response of forests towards climatic changes. In the present article, this is adapted to Greyish oak. Greyish oak smart forests are characterised by advanced ages (61-70 years) and even-aged stand structures. These forests are situated at altitudes between 51-100 m and 250-300 m, and on west and east expositions. The purpose study showed that Greyish oak can be included in the category of smart forests, by taking into account 13 elements (flora, soil and forest type) and stand conditions (pruning, vitality, diameter and average height, functional group, litter). As Greyish oak resists well to drought and grows relatively well, the species is important for improving the climate and conserving forests from the silvosteppe.

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