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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXI
Written by Constanța ALEXE, Marian VINTILĂ, Ion CAPLAN, Gheorghe LĂMUREANU, Lenuța CHIRA

The paper aimed to present the suitability of processing the seven native apricot cultivars grown at the Research Station for Fruit Growing Constanta: 'Tudor’, 'Sirena’, 'Orizont’, 'Olimp’, 'Neptun’, 'Augustin’ and 'Litoral’, results leading to the establishment of the fruit valorization direction. Apricots were processed at the Research and Development Institute for Processing and Marketing of the Horticultural Products - Bucharest (micro lab) as compote, jam, comfiture and nectar. The cans’quality assessment was performed using Method A - STAS 12656-8, the state standard that regulates the analysis methods with unitary score scales, used to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of food. The results show that these cultivars have in common a sweet, pleasant, aromatic flavor (which is why they are highly appreciated for fresh consumption), characteristics that, at the same time, influence the quality of processed products. Out of the studied cultivars, 'Olimp’ was particularly highlighted, which is very well suitable to all processing into four types of canned analyzed: comfiture, jam, compote and nectar, the resulting product having remarkable sensory qualities. Apricots in the 'Tudor’ cultivars are less suitable for processing, preferably as being able to consume as fresh fruits or, possibly, as comfiture or nectar. In conclusion: for getting canned compote, the 'Orizont’, 'Olimp’, 'Neptun’ cultivars are recommended; for comfiture, cultivars 'Tudor’, 'Olimp’, 'Augustin’, 'Litoral’; 'Orizont’, 'Neptun’, 'Litoral’ cultivars for jam; for nectar, the 'Sirena’, 'Orizont’, 'Olimp’, 'Neptun’ cultivars.

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