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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXII
Written by Iliyana KRISHKOVA, Denitsa SERBEZOVA

The experiment was carried out during the period 2014-2016 at the Institute of Agriculture - Kyustendil using ʻFlorinaʼ and ʻFreedomʼ cvs. grafted on seedling rootstocks of Winter Gold Pearmain and wild apple cultivated in a high density plantation with trees of the same cultivars on clonal rootstocks MM 106 (in the row) and M 9 and Marga Hndzor (MH) (between the rows). The soil is chromic luvisols. In order to study the influence of the intercropping on the growth and production of the trees, there are 3 experiments – cultivar-rootstock trail without intercrop, cultivar-rootstock trail with intercrop in rows and inter rows spacing. The production costs required for the cultivation of one hectar apple tree orchard of the studied combinations range from 1900 euro/ha from Freedom of Winter Gold Pearmain to 282 euro /ha at Freedom on Winter Gold Pearmain with interplants on MM 106 and M9. Cost differences are the result of the number of trees per hectar, the average yields and the associated costs of collecting the additional fruit production. The average yields and the resulting gross output have a significant impact on the net profit. In ʻFlorinaʼ variety, the most effective combination of wild apple rootstock with in row intercrop of MM 106, and in the inter row of MH. For Freedom, better results have been obtained using a Winter Gold Pearmain with intercrop on M9 rootstock, indicating that for the different varieties it is necessary to select suitable rootstocks

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