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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXII
Written by Gheorghe PETRE, Valeria PETRE, Adrian ASANICA

The researches carried out at the Research and Development Station for Fruit Growing Voineşti in the period 2015 - 2017, had as objective the evidence of modern plantations established after 2007 by the producers of SC Mere de Voineşti SRL; Owner Dan Ionescu, and I.I. Luminita Marin from Malu cu Flori. The tree culture in high density system extends mainly to apple trees in the Dâmboviţa fruit-tree basin, the interest of fruit growers is evident in the promotion of productive varieties, well adapted to the pedoclimatic conditions of the area, grafted on M.9 rootstock planted at a distance of 3,5 x 1 m, with a density of 2,857 trees/ha. The biggest yield belonging to SC Mere de Voineşti SRL were harvested from following varieties: ʻGolden deliciousʼ (43.2 t/ha), ʻBraeburnʼ (35.4 t/ha) and ʻGalaʼ (35.2 t/ha), trees that are 9-11 years old, in comparison with ʻGalaʼ apple varieties (36.2 t/ha) and ʻIdaredʼ (33.8 t/ha) of 7-8 years old. In the apple tree orchard for 3 years, in the ʻGolden deliciousʼ and ʻIonaprinceʼ varieties, production of 40.2 t/ha and 38.6 t/ha was achieved in 2017. At the Owner Dan Ionescu, with 8 years old trees, the most productive varieties were: ʻGolden deliciousʼ (38.9 t/ha), ʻIdaredʼ (34.7 t/ha) and ʻGalaʼ (32.7 t/ha), and the producer I.I. Luminita Marin , located in Malu cu Flori, with trees in the 4th year after planting, recorded 34.3 t/ha in the ʻRed Galaʼ variety, 46.8 t/ha in ʻGolden deliciousʼ and 42.8 t/ha to ʻPinovaʼ. The high density apple system is recommended for expansion in the well-established fruit-growing areas of our country, including the Dâmboviţa fruit basin, due to the high yield and efficiency, the way of periodic and rapid replacement of the assortments, demanded more and more by consumers

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