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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXII
Written by Adrian ASĂNICĂ

Among many blueberry growers and general consumers perception, often are cross-cutting issues. The quality of the fruits depends on many factors such as variety, area were fruits are produced (environmental conditions), ripening and harvest time, producing technology etc. Of course many other influencing factors could intervene during the picking time till consumption of fruits and affects the fruit appearance, firmness, colour or other internal or external parameters. Besides all these reasons, the final consumer has particular demands and preferences which stays at the base of their choices. In 2017, a tasting session with 26 blueberry varieties cultivated in Romania were evaluated by different categories of consumers. Cultivar tested were: ʻCovilleʼ, ʻChandlerʼ, ʻAzurʼ, ʻDarrowʼ, ʻBluerayʼ, ʻLegacyʼ, ʻSimultanʼ, ʻBrigittaʼ, ʻAugustaʼ, ʻSpartanʼ, ʻVitalʼ, ʻPembertonʼ, ʻDeliciaʼ, ʻRekaʼ, ʻToroʼ, ʻBerkeleyʼ, ʻDenise blueʼ, ʻDukeʼ, ʻSafiʼr, ʻLaxʼ, ʻHannah’s choiceʼ, ʻBluecropʼ, ʻPatriotʼ, ʻNelsonʼ, ʻBluettaʼ, ʻPink lemonadeʼ. All these varieties were evaluated against fruit size, skin colour, firmness, juiciness, taste and flavor. ʻCovilleʼ and ʻChandlerʼ performed better as general total score. ʻChandlerʼ and the Romanian variety ʻAugustaʼ remarked by large fruits and were appreciated accordingly. ʻCovilleʼ and ʻBluerayʼ showed good appearance of the skin colour since the most firm fruits were noticed at ʻLegacyʼ. Most tasty and aromatic fruits were scored for ʻCovilleʼ.

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