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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXII
Written by Holia AHMAD, Florin STĂNICĂ, Vlad STANCIU

This paper presents the first result of the cuttings propagation of some genotypes of fig (Ficus carica) using an integrated system of basal heating with artificial fog. Fig plants are spread in many regions of Romania, especially in the south parts, and their fruits are very much appreciated by the consumers. Unfortunately, the offer of plant material is very low on the market. In the research project of identification, monitoring and propagation of valuable fig genotypes, more cuttings were collected from different genotypes and different regions of Romania and Iraq. Green and dry cuttings were used and planted in benches for rooting with basal heating, in the greenhouses of the Research Center for Studies of Food and Agricultural Products Quality at the UASVM Bucharest. Different substrates: sand + perlite 70:30, sand + perlite +sawdust, perlite + peat + marc, wood chips with perlite, sand + perlite 60:40 were used. The best results were obtained in the sand with perlite variants 70:30 (61.87%). After rooting, the new obtained plants were transferred in pots and grown under controlled conditions (cold glass houses).

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