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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Bogdan ZAMFIRESCU, Dorel HOZA, Mădălina BUTAC, Silvia NICOLAE, Crăişor MAZILU, Emil CHIŢU, Dorin SUMEDREA, Mădălina MILITARU, Mihai CHIVU

In Romania, European plum (Prunus domestica L.) is the predominant species owing to its large grown acreage, production, various ways of marketing. The most used rootstocks for plum is Myrobalan seedling, which is very vigorous and insufficient compatible with some cultivars. Modern orchards, with high density, need dwarfing or semidwarfing rootstocks. This study was carried out at Genetics and Breeding Department, in Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti, Romania. Five plum cultivars ('Andreea’, 'Pitestean’, 'Romanta’, 'Cacanska Lepotica’, 'Jojo’) grafted on three rootstocks ('Adaptabil’, 'Mirodad 1’, 'BN4Kr’) were evaluated. The trees were planted in the spring of 2015 at 4 x 3 m and comprised 3 trees/3 replications. In 2017 and 2018 years, were evaluated: trunk diameter (mm), number of fruits per tree, yields (kg/tree) and fruit quality (fruit weight and soluble solids content). As results of the investigations we found that: 'Adaptabil’ rootstock induced a very high vigour; 'Cacanska Lepotica’ and 'Romanta’ trees had the smallest trunk diameter; the best production have been obtained when the cultivars were grafted on 'Mirodad 1’ and 'Adaptabil’ rootstock; from all the cultivars studied 'Pitestean’ had a high number of fruits per tree and a high yield; 'Romanta’ cv. had the low number of fruit on the tree but the production was high due to the fact that this cultivar has very large fruits (over 65 g); 'Cacanska Lepotica’, although having a large number of fruit on the tree, has a small production due to the fact that this cultivar has small fruit (35 g); 'Andreea’ had the lowest number of fruits per tree, but with a high fruit soluble solids content (18.72% Brix).

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