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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Elena Cristina SCUTĂRAȘU, Camelia Elena LUCHIAN, Lucia Cintia COLIBABA, Valeriu V. COTEA, Marius NICULAUA, Ioana CĂLIN, Ioan MORARU

Enzymes are protein substances with an important influence on winemaking industry, generating biochemical reaction essential to the quality of the wine. The study aimed to analyse the influence of enzymes on physical-chemical parameters of white wine samples obtained in Iasi vineyard. The grapes representing ''Fetească Regală’’ variety were harvested in autumn 2018 at full maturity from Iasi vineyard and processed by the classic method for obtaining white wines. The wine was fermented in 50 L demijohns. Twelve variants of wine were analysed, only six were treated with bentonite. Saccharomyces yeast (Levulia esperide) was inoculated, each variant containing a different commercial enzymatic preparation based on pectolytic enzymes and β-glucosidases, thus contributing to release aroma compounds. Following the analysis of physical-chemical parameters in accordance with OIV regulations, significant influence in the composition of the analysed samples was observed, depending on the enzyme preparations used.

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