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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Florin ENACHE, Sorin MATEI, Gabi-Mirela MATEI, Ionuț Ovidiu JERCA, Elena Maria DRĂGHICI

The purpose of the present research was to improve plants growth and to stimulate microbial communities in rhizosphere of three test plants (cucumber, basil and tomatoes) by watering with structured water using various dilutions in experiments under controlled conditions. Significantly increased bacterial counts and species number registered for all test plant species under the influence of structured water integral and structured water dilution no.10 as compared to control. The highest number of species (12) identified in rhizosphere of cucumber from structured water dilution no. 10 dominated by pseudomonads (Pseudomonas lemonnieri indicating improved qualitative conditions) and bacillaceae. High fungal counts from control and variant structured water dilution no. 3 indicated less favourable conditions for communities where potential plant pathogen Fusarium developed. Trichoderma and Paecilomyces (antagonists for Fusarium) as well as other cellulolytic fungi active in rhizosphere were stimulated in variants with AVVA integral and structured water dilution no.10 best dilution. Significantly higher plants and total biomass accumulation registered for treatments with structured water (structured water integral and diluted variant structured water dilution no. 10) comparatively with control, especially for basil.

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