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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Cezar BAHRIM, Elena Liliana CHELARIU, Maria BRÎNZĂ, Roberto Renato BERNARDIS, Lucia DRAGHIA

The genus Hemerocallis L. (Asphodelaceae) is native to temperate and sub-tropical Asia, especially in China, Korea and Japan. The Hemerocallis plants (daylilies) are herbaceous perennials that are used as ornamentals in worldwide for their attractive flowers. Originally, the only colours of flowers were yellow, orange and orange-red, but now, diversity is very high (white, pastel, pink, crimson, purple etc.). In this study are presented the ornamental characters (the legth of scape, the number of flowers and numbers of branches per scape, flowers diameter, length of tepals, flowers color, the flowering period etc.) of the ten Hemerocallis cultivars (ʻAtenʼ, ʻBlack Princeʼ, ʻBumble Beeʼ, ʻCartwheelsʼ, ʻChicago Cardinalʼ, ʻMikadoʼ, ʻPandora´s Boxʼ, ʻRaspberry Candyʼ, ʻSpits Beautyʼ, ʻStella de Oroʼ) in conditions of Iaşi county (Northeast Romania). ʻChicago Cardinalʼ,, ʻCartwheelsʼ and 'Atenʼ were remarked by scapes higher than 70 cm, ʻPandora´s Boxʼ, ʻRaspberry Candyʼ, ʻSpits Beautyʼ with scapes of 40-50 cm, and ʻStella de Oroʼ by short floral stems (20-30 cm); the number of flowers per scape ranged from 5 to 17 (maximum in ʻCartwheelsʼ and ʻChicago Cardinalʼ, minimum in ʻStella de Oroʼ); large flowers, more than 10-11 cm in diameter, can be seen in 'Aten', 'Black Prince', 'Mikado', 'Spits Beauty' and smaller flowers (6.5 cm) in 'Stella de Oro’ cultivar.

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