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Fruit growing technologies to mitigate the negative impact of climatic changes from the southern part of Romania

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Dorin SUMEDREA, Emil CHIŢU, Viorica CHIŢU, Mihaela SUMEDREA, Florin Cristian MARIN, Nicolae TĂNĂSESCU

The actual relief and pedo-climatic diversity of Romania offer favorable conditions to grow a large panel of fruit species, but the climatic changes bring into the actuality new criteria for durable zoning of fruit species and adequate fruit growing technologies as well. With the large increase in air temperature, in number of hours of sunshine and lower rainfall in the summer months, irrigation techniques will have to evolve within the meaning of efficient exploitation of water resources. This work goal is to present the influence of fertigation on growth and fruit yield from a high density apple orchards, in the fourth year from orchard establishment. The fruit productions obtained in the third year from orchard establishment ranging between 34.3 -44.4 t ha-1 , depending on the cultivars. The decrease order of vigour of the studied cultivars, estimated by the average increase of trunk cross-section area (TCSA), was: Jonagored (4.39 cm2 of TCSA), Fuji Kiku 8 (3.43 cm2 of TCSA), Golden clona B (3.09 cm2 of TCSA).

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