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Research on the behaviour of some hyacinth varieties in different types of forcing for blooming in out of season

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Florin TOMA, Sorina PETRA, Diana ZAMFIR-VASCA, Oana TĂNASE

Forcing bulbs is frequently used to obtain hyacinths blooming in out of season. Both variety and forcing conditions are of major importance in obtaining a quality flowering. In this context, our research aimed followed behaviour of new varieties in four different forcing hyacinths. The hyacinth varieties were: ‘Peter Stuyvesant’, ‘Delft Blue’, ‘Blue Jacket’, ‘Sky Jacket’, ‘City of Haarleem’, ‘Fondant’,’ Splendid Cornelia’, ‘Anne Marie’ and ‘Carnegie’. Variants were forcing the variation factors when applying the cold period (before or after planting) and place planting bulbs (in pots, directly in the greenhouse soil, vases with water). The results show that, for all varieties, the best option to forcing was the period of cold that was applied before planting bulbs and cold treated bulbs were planted directly in soil greenhouse. Forcing results in a vase with water to follow closely the values obtained for directly forcing greenhouse soil in pots while forcing led to the worst results. The quality of floral stems and flowers was superior varieties, ‘Blue Jacket’, ‘Sky Jacket’ and ‘Delft Blue’ while ‘Splendid Cornelia’, ‘Anne Marie’ and ‘Carnegie’ varieties were marked by the lowest values of the elements flowering. These results shows that the hyacinth, in cultures forced, cold therapy has maximum effect when applied before planting bulbs planting bulbs and previously treated with cold soil is directly in the greenhouse.

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