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The influence of the treatments with growth promoters and foliar fertilizers on protected crops of tomatoes

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Jeni Gianina VOICU (SIMION)

The work presents results obtained in protected culture of the tomatoes under different treatments with growth promoter (V4 - P & R) and foliar fertilizers (Folimax, Agriphyte). The hybrid Balkan grown in the south of Romania in plastic high tunnels, reacted favourably to the treatment experienced. The vegetation period of the plants have been reduced from 121 days (V1-untreated control) to 110-113 days (foliar fertilizers: V2 – Folimax, V3 – Agriphyte). For the growth promoter (P & R) the vegetation period have been reduced to 107 days. Therefore it is possible to see that the vegetation period was reduced with 14 days for V4 P&R and with 8-11 days (V2 Folimax, V3 Agriphyte). It has been remarked favourable effect on growth in height of the tomato plants (with 12-19 cm higher than V1). The treatments with growth promoter and foliar fertilizers also has determined an increase in the number of fruits on the plant and in the mean mass of the fruits (with 11 -12. 5 g than V1). The yield was 54.6 t/ ha (V1 untreated control), 59.4 t/ ha (V4 - P&R) 66.3 (V2 Folimax) and 69.6 t / ha (V3 Agriphyte), the differences being significant and very significant.

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