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Field performance of several plum genotypes grown under environmental conditions of Piteşti – Mărăcineni

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Mădălina BUTAC, Mădălina MILITARU, Sergiu BUDAN, Irina ANCU

The studies were carried out in the microfield trials of the Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti -Romania, with 15 plum genotypes of different origin: ‘Roman’, ‘Romanta’, ‘Romaner’, ‘Iulia’, H 3/15, H 43/18 (Romania), ‘Cacanska Lepotica’, ‘Cacanska Rodna’, ‘Cacanska Secer’ and ‘Mildora’ (Serbia), ‘Vision’ and ‘Valor’ (Canada) and ‘Oneida’, ‘Standard’, ‘Stanley’ -control (USA). During 2010 -2012 were carried out observations and determinations of: ripening times, production capacity, quality of fruit and response of plum genotypes to Plum pox virus. ‘ýaþanska Lepotica’, ‘Valor’, ‘Vision’, ‘Standard’, ‘Romanta’ and H 3/15 had the highest yield per tree, whereas ‘Mildora’, ‘Roman’ and H 43/18 had the lowest yields. The largest fruits were recorded with ‘Valor’, ‘Vision’, ‘Oneida’, ‘Roman’, ‘Romanta’ and H 43/18. The mean harvest season of evaluated cultivars started by H 43/18 on the 17th July and ended by ‘Standard’ and ‘Oneida’ on the 6-7th September. Regarding the response of these genotypes to Plum Pox Virus, most of them showed no symptoms on leaves and fruits in the field. ‘Valor’ and ‘Cacanska Lepotica’ had the best performance, which indicates their good suitability for the modern plum orchard. ‘Romanta’ may also be of some interest for growers because of the best precocity and large fruit size, and ‘Oneida’ for prolonging the harvest season.

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