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Methodology for the evaluation of the preferences regarding wine and information needs of consumers

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Arina Oana ANTOCE, Cătălin Florin PĂDURARU

The high competition on the national and international wine markets requires permanent adaptation to the consumers’ preferences in order to present them with the most suitable offer. Also, it should be kept in mind that the recommendations of wine experts may not always or necessarily match the consumer preferences. Therefore the consumers should be kept informed, so that, by learning more about wine appreciation, they might choose to purchase more of the wines recommended by specialists. As such, providing targeted information training for both wine connaisseurs and novices is also an important goal. The present work aims to assess the nowadays consumers’ preferences and their needs for information in order to improve the offer for training in the field of wine appreciation. The methodology proposed for this assessment is a survey based on a set of 10 carefully selected questions. The types of questions and the reasons for their inclusion in the survey are presented and explained. The method for the management of consumers’ input in case of single answer and multiple answer questions is described and the expected types of results based on the data collected with this questionnaire are also presented.

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