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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture., Vol. LVII
Written by Erzsebet BUTA, Maria CANTOR, Mihai BUTA, Denisa HORT, Orsolya VALKAI

Lisianthus popularity is due not only to the wide range of assortment (small-flowered varieties Piccolo type, edging - Panther Curly, striped -Lilac Shadow), but also due to the attractive character of flowers. Purple color of the petals is the dominant at the most variety (35 %), followed by white (21 %), pink (12 %), yellow (8 %), and green (9 %), varieties with bicolor petals (9 %). Experiences regarding the postharvest care, using Lisianthus russellianus varieties have been developed in the flower shop “Decor Studio”, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County. Biological material used in experiments with Lisianthus russellianus varieties, consisted in tree cultivars as following: 'Piccolo White” (white flowers) “Mariachi Pink” (pink flowers), “Echo Blue” (blue flowers). During the experiences it was investigated the effect of four solutions (Belle Fleur, Floralife, Vitalife and tap/normal water) on the morphological characters of the studied varieties and the on period of storage. The results obtained show that the variety with the longest storage period is “Echo Blue” (30 days), and the most favorable nutrient solution was Fleur Bell.

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