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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture., Vol. LVII
Written by Victoria ARTEM, Arina Oana ANTOCE

The overall climatic conditions, through the main three factors (temperature, sunlight and humidity), exert a major influence on the quality and quantity of the grapes produced during a particular year. For this work, studies were performed on several white and black grape varieties authorized for culture in the vineyards of Murfatlar, by following the parameters that define the grape maturation (evolution of sugar accumulation, decrease of acids concentration and evolution of berry weight) and the grape quality at the harvest time. The studies showed that the year 2012 was a hot one, with a period of sunshine recorded during the grapevine vegetation exceeding normal value (average of 50 years) by 173.4 hours. The quantity of precipitations was similar to the level recorded as the multiannual average, but the rain distribution was not uniform during the vegetation period. These particularities led to an unsatisfactory development of the berries and lower yield. Due to the longer period with higher temperatures the ripening was premature, with a certain benefit in favour of sugar accumulation, while the must acidity was insufficient, due to a more intense catabolism at these temperatures. The harvest time started earlier for all the varieties, the recorded yields were much lower, but the grapes were not affected by rot or other diseases. Due to the fact that the grape ripening depends on the climate parameters of the year and on the region, in order to decide the optimum harvest period for a certain type of wine the evolution of the grape maturity parameters should be determined each year and the change in climatic influences should be systematically recorded.

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