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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LVIII
Written by Constanța ALEXE, M. VINTILĂ, Simona POPESCU, Veronica TĂNASA, Liana-Melania DUMITRU, Gh. LĂMURANU, Lenuța CHIRA

Because of the great taste attributes, aspect and specifically flavor, plus their importance in nutrition, peaches occupies an important place in consumption in both, fresh and processed condition. Their superior dietary attributes are determined by the content of vitamins, minerals, cellulose, acids and pectin. This paper aimed to present the impact of some production (fertiliser regime) and valorisation (preserving conditions) factors upon the quality and its maintaining capacity during nectarines preserving. The organoleptic appreciation, fruits’ firmness, biochemical compose, quantitative and qualitative loses were determinated. The 'Southland' cultivar (created in 1946, America), is very much appreciated all over the world for its great fruits (200-220g) and productivity (30-35 kg/tree). It was provided from the experimental plots of the Research Station for Fruit Growing Constanta, fertilized in different manner, with organic and chemical fertilizers, applied on soil and/or foliar. The peaches were stored at RDIPMHP-Bucharest in three variants: in the ambient temperature (T=26-28°C), in cold conditions (T = 2-4°C) and cold + modified atmosphere conditions, during 7, 28 and 35 days, respectively. The best results were obtained in case of the fertilisation with chemical fertilisers applied on soil + foliar, which induces the best quality and maintainance during stored. The results also indicate the superiority of fruit storage in the modified atmosphere comparing with the others methods.

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