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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LVIII
Written by Jeni Veronica ȚIU, Sorin Mihai CÎMPEANU, Valerica TUDOR, Adrian ASĂNICĂ

Making a modern fruit grow cannot be conceived without ensuring adequate hydric needs for fruit species alongside fertilization. Researching every attribute and specific character for complex systems which are biological known and new wants obtained through the process of apricot breeding required specific methods of collecting, processing and interpreting of data. Technological variants were studied using localized irrigation (b2) and irrigation associated with foliar fertilization (b2c2) on the behaviour of three cultivars of apricot 'Dacia'(a1), 'Comandor'(a2) and 'Tudor' (a3) (Prunus armeniaca L.), grafted on Mirobolan, with different periods of maturation, in terms of the South-East of Romania, where optimal conditions are encountered. From this paper, studies found that a version of localized irrigation technology is associated with foliar fertilization (b2c2) and had influence on the characteristics of tree vigour, i.e. crown volume and trunk section area (TSA) on the production of fruit but also on the quality of the fruit items (average weight of the fruit, soluble dry matter, acidity and firmness). The crowns shape was not influenced by the application the experimental factors, these being the genetic attribute of each cultivar ('Dacia' - spherical shape, 'Comandor' - spherical and slightly alongeted shape and 'Tudor' - pyramidal shape).

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