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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LVIII
Written by Georgeta BELENIUC, Constantin Băducă CÂMPEANU, Liliana MIRON, Claudia ȘTEFAN, Jose PARDO

The wines quality and safety are depending of the raw materials quality and safety, respectively black and white grapes. These two requirements (quality and safety) were arise from the need to protect consumers and are found both in EU Directions and National Legislation. In the technology of wine grapes production it can be applied a HACCP system which allows for the identification of the key elements from this process which can affect the grapes quality and safety. HACCP is the abbreviation for the English expression “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”. Using the HACCP system, the microbiological, chemical and physical risks existing in the wine grapes production technology are identified, in order to find the CCPs (Critical Control Points). In order to keep under control the technology of wine grapes production a single CCP-1 was identified: Integrated plant protection, with two significant hazards: a) the attack of fungi, insects and mites; b) the pesticides and heavy metals residues. Our studies formulate the good hygiene requirements and work procedures that have to be fulfilled by each company specialized in the wine grapes production.

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