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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LIX
Written by Cristina MOALE

The nectarine tree is pretentious as far as light is concerned, which is why the differentiation of the fruiting buds onannual branches is directly linked to the ensuring of sufficient light. A study was organised to establish both the optimaldensity of trees per hectare as well as the adequate shape of the trees crown in order to ensure a good lighting of thecrown; also, the maintenance works and the harvesting have become mechanised. The research was carried outbetween 2008 and 2011 at R.S.F.G. Constanţa and was focused on four nectarine tree cultivars ('Cora’, 'Delta’,'Romamer 2’ and 'Crimsongold’) and four shapes of the crown and planting distances considered together: Tatura,planting distance 6/2 m= = 833 trees/ha; Vertical strap, planting distance 4/1.5 m= 1,666 trees/ha; Veronese vase,planting distance 4/3 m= 833 trees/ha; Improved vase, planting distance 4/3.5 = 714 trees/ha. The carried outdeterminations were focused on: a) The vegetative phenophases development – the vegetative buds burst, the beginningof shoot growth, the ending of shoot growth and b) The growth dynamics of shoots per cultivar and shape of the crown.The study revealed that, at all nectarine tree cultivars studied between 2008 and 2011 the vegetative buds burstoccurred between March 5th and April 1st. The ending of shoot growth occurred at different moments according to thecultivar, the climatic year and the shape of the crown. The dynamics of shoot growth registered the lowest values at the'Delta’ cultivar (6.87 cm) and the shoots grew more in length in 2010 as compared to the other years of study.

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