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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LIX
Written by Ferenc OROSZ

In this trial it was compared the effect of propagation time and floating cover on the growing season on somevaluable morphological properties of early harvested sweet corn. The following technological variations werecompared with help of the variety Spirit (normal sweet, very early ripening): 1. direct seeded plants with floatingcover (early sowing time); 2. direct seeded plants without cover (early sowing time); 3. transplanted plants withfloating cover (early transplanting time); 4. direct seeded plants without cover (usually sowing time, regarded ascontrol). The covering by earlier sowing time had favourable influence on, ear weight, ear length, depth ofseeds. Major influence of covering resulted in harvesting time: earliness was observed among covered anduncovered treatments between 5-19 days.

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