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Evaluation of some sweet cherry cultivars to winter freeze in different areas of Romania

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Adrian ASĂNICĂ, Dorel HOZA, Valerica TUDOR, Georgeta TEMOCICO

A very large number of sweet cherry cultivars grafted on different rootstocks was tested for freeze injuries in the winter of 2011/2012. The cultivars evaluated were Van, Celeste, Lapins, Kordia, Giant Red, Ferrovia, Early Red, Firm Red, Skeena, New Star, Regina grafted on PHLC rootstock in Istrita Nursery Station; Van and Stella on Prunus mahaleb L. in Moara Domneasca Didactic Farm; Ferrovia, Lapins, Celeste, Vega, Skeena, Early Red, New Star, Kordia, Mora di Vignola, Firm Red, Giant Red, Katalin, Ulster, Sam, B. Burlat, Boambe de Cotnari, Hedelfinger, Germersdorf, Van, Rivan, Regina, Giorgia grafted on PHLC, Colt, CAB6P, CAB11E and Prunus mahaleb L. in USAMV Bucharest Experimental Field. The wood hardness of the cultivars was assessed considering the branch types and the position in the crown. Frost hardiness results indicate a wide spectrum of cultivar resistance in terms of winter damages between 9.98% to 63.92% in Istrita region, 1.96% to 48.25% in Bucharest and Moara Domneasca area. The most affected by frost was Skeena at Istrita and Germersdorf in Bucharest.

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