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Research and results on the implementation of modern technological elements in tomatoes grown in old individual greenhouses

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Mileva CHIRICĂ, Gheorghe CÂMPEANU, Felicia STAN, Nicolae ATANASIU, Gabriela NEAŢĂ

Efficient use of old greenhouses for growing vegetables in the current period is only possible by applying modern technology that unconventional fluid and mineral nutrition is achieved by fertirigation with nutrient solutions of growing media. For making tomato crops for fresh consumption, have carried out the reconfiguration of the interior heat greenhouses by installing the old parapets, reposition the heating registers and levelers, totally unsuitable for use as a substrate rooting for tomato plants. As the rooting medium was used peat bags installed in opaque foil UV additive, ensuring a rooting volume of 12L, which were planted two seedlings, resulting in a density of 3.12 plants/ m2. Nutritive solution was prepared and given with automatic installation, connected to the installation of fertigation produced with this technology, according to a specific cultural calendar cycle extended tunnels, there was a production of over 15 kg/m2, the laboratory results have confirmed a low level of biochemical components within the limits prescribed by legislation for the production of tomatoes in protected culture.

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