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Quality evaluation of some clingstone cultivars processed into stewed fruit

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Gh. LAMUREANU, Constanţa ALEXE, Simona POPESCU

The peach tree is among one of the most valuable species cultivated both in Romania and abroad, being very much appreciated for the quality of its fruit. Being represented in crops through many varieties, with different periods of ripening, the peach tree provides fresh fruit beginning with the second half of the month of June and ending with the first decade of the month of November. This distribution of the production also allows for a rhythmical and prolonged supply with fresh fruit of the factories that process fruits. The cultivation of peach trees for industrial usage (clingstones) is of specific importance in the context of cultivating peach trees in general, due to the fact that lately it has become much more essential, having a wide and complex problematic as compared to the traditional crops for fresh consumption. This paper has as purpose the establishing of the viability for processing into stewed fruit of 7 clingstone cultivars: NJC 108, C 81, NJC 85, Shasta, Catherine, Fortuna and Loadel. The peaches, provided from experimental plots of Research Station for Fruit Growing Constanta, were processed into stewed fruit in micro production laboratory of Research and Development Institute for Processing and Marketing of the Horticultural Products, Bucharest. The sensorial analysis of the product was carried out according to the STAS 12656-88, which establishes the analysis methods with unitary scales of points (method A), methods used in the evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics of alimentary products. These methods are applied in order to appreciate a set of organoleptic properties: aspect, colour, taste, texture or, should it be the case, consistence. The best results were obtained by the Catherine cultivar, which received the maximum score (20.00) for its aspect, colour and taste and a total average score of 19.52. This cultivar, together with Fortuna (18.48 points) and C 81 (18.24 points) were labelled with the “very good” grade.

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