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The influence of cultivar on growth and productive potential of tomatoes grown in solariums protected with selective photo films

Published in Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture, Vol. LVI
Written by Mali-Sanda MANOLE

Taking into account the importance of tomatoes in human diet the modern technologies aim is to implement the elements that provide quality products, staggered throughout the year. From these, the growing of vegetables in protected areas and diversification of varieties and hybrids are important to the producers. The paper presents the results regarding tomato culture in greenhouses, that are covered with selective photo foils anti condensation, additivated UV and IR films produced in Romania, and a biofond represented by two different botanical varieties: var. esculentum -hybrid Cindel and var. cerasiforme - Cerise hybrid. It was found that in general, light quality changes influenced the plant growth. In comparison with transparent and untreated films, those of different colors lead decrease the total plant height in both hybrids, with larger differences in Cindel F1. The red films had the strongest inhibiting effect. The height of formation of the first inflorescence was lower for hybrid Cerise and both hybrids were favorably influenced by the transparent film with additives. The photo selective films have influenced the growth of plants, number and average fruit weight. During 2009, the hybrid Cindel present increased yields in comparison with control, as it follows: in green foil (51.6%), transparent UV treated (21%) and yellow (9%). Cerise hybrid yield was strongly influenced, differences to control using the same kinds of films was 61%, 38% and 42%. It was observed that while red film reduced yield for Cindel F1 hybrid, in the case of Cerise had a favorable effect, causing an increase of 39% compared with the control. Using photo selective film of different colours, we can increase yield of tomatoes grown in greenhouses from 34.2 t / ha up to 51.2 t / ha in the case of Cindel F1, and from 23.6 t / ha up to 37.9 t / ha for Cerise.

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