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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVI, Issue 1
Written by Gheorghița HOZA, Maria DINU, Alexandra BECHERESCU, Antonio IONICĂ

In Romania, zucchini crop is extending more and more as it is one of the vegetable cultures preferred especially by the population around larger cities, where a higher variety of produces is necessary. It is a vegetable species rich in minerals and vitamins, being prepared in different forms. For these reasons, there are concerns regarding the improvement of crop technology through the use of high quality seedling material, of foliar fertilizers with high impact on the production capacity of plants and environmentally friendly, this being also the purpose of the present research. For the research, the following were used: three hybrids F1, Eskenderany, Opal and Ismalia, and three organic fertilizers, Cropmax 0.1%, Aur verde Extra 0.1% and Bombardier 0.15%. After data processing and results interpretation, it was observed that all the hybrids that had been fertilized with Aur verde Extra 0.1% produced the best results in what concerns the number of flowers per plant. The fruit production per plant and the fruit production per square meter were higher for the F1 hybrids Eskenderany and Ismalia fertilized with Aur verde Extra 0.1%, while for Opal F1 the highest production per plant and per m2 was obtained after applying Cropmax 0.1%. The highest increase of the production per plant was obtained for all hybrids fertilized with Cropmax 0.1%, while the highest profit per m2 was obtained for Eskenderany F1 and Ismalia F1 fertilized with Aur verde Extra 0.1% and for Opal F1 fertilized with Cropmax 0.1%.

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