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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVII, Issue 1
Written by Kristina Ileκtra MAKNEA, Violeta Alexandra ION, Dan POPESCU, Ermioni MALLIAROU, Adrian Constantin ASĂNICĂ

Cultivation of aromatic/medicinal plants (MAPs) is major part of urban horticulture and landscape architecture, several of MAPs also being widespread in the medical industry due to their nutrient content. In this work, an organoleptic evaluation of infusions and condiments from 25 MAPs was carried out, with the participation of 45 different tasters. The bioactive compounds in the infusion of some MAPs were then evaluated. The selected plants were grown in a greenhouse, through urban co-cultivation, in Bucharest and Thessaloniki. The appearance, smell, taste and aroma were assessed from the organoleptic characteristics, and the obtained results were processed with the SPSS statistical program. The DPPH and Folin-Ciocalteu methods were used to measure antioxidant and total phenolic concentration. The purpose of the work is to examine the relationship between the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional elements of some MAPs. Also, it is sought to form an objective image regarding the role and the way of the use of MAPs so that they become acceptable to consumers, in their daily diet. The results confirm that the co-cultivation of some MAPs is an activity with significant prospects in urban horticulture and healthy nutrition.

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