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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVII, Issue 2
Written by Dorin Constantin COSTEA, Ramona CĂPRUCIU, Daniela Doloris CICHI, Constantin BĂDUCĂ CÎMPEANU

Among the effects of climate change are the increase in the average annual temperature, the increase in the frequency of extreme meteorological phenomena, the reduction of the amount or the uneven distribution of precipitation during the period of vegetation, periods of drought betwixt the climatic factors, the water regime associated with the ambient temperature are determining environmental factors that affect all aspects of plant growth and development and have the most significant impact on the quality and the quantity of the production obtained. The grapevine has developed response mechanisms to cope with water stress and high temperature. These mechanisms include adaptations of a morphological, anatomical, physiological, biochemical nature that allow the vine to overcome periods of environmental stress but affect the quantity and quality of production. This paper presents the results of the studies on the response of the vines to the variable climatic conditions in the wine-growing area for the production of D.O.C. wines Banu Mărăcine.

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