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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVII, Issue 2
Written by Casiana MIHUȚ, Anișoara DUMA COPCEA, Lucian NIȚĂ, Adalbert OKROS, Daniela SCEDEI, Daniel POPA, Carmen DURĂU, Teodor MATEOC-SÎRB

The paper addresses the influence that man has on the physical properties of the soil. Thus, a series of physical properties of soils in greenhouses and solaria are compared, namely: texture, structure, density, apparent density, total porosity, and aeration porosity following the application of organic and mineral fertilisers. The studies and research were carried out in greenhouses and solaria located in the western part of Romania (Timiș and Arad counties), in two localities, Giarmata and Secusigiu, cultivated with tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum), peppers (Capsicum annuum) and eggplant (Solanum menongena) over a period of 9 years. The physical properties of soils were compared in 20 6, 20 9, and 2022, and the results showed that, in the solaria in which organic fertilisers (manure) were applied in doses of 40-60 t/ha, density values decreased from . 2 g/m3 to .08 g/m3, apparent density from .65 g/m3 to .54 g/m3, while total porosity values increased from 62% to 67% and aeration porosity from 36% to 4 %, thus falling within normal values of vegetable cultivation.

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