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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Timea BURU, Erzsebet BUTA, Maria CANTOR, Ioana CRIȘAN, Zsolt SZEKELY-VARGA, Valentin DAN

Green areas are, in both domestic gardens and public places. In many cases, based on the landscape architecture design layout of a green space, lawns can occupy the largest surface. The lawn is used to gather all the elements of the designed landscape, thus finding the most suitable turfgrass seed mixtures is a priority in landscaping, but their success depends on the percentage of germination. The present research was undertaken to analyze the germination of eight different turf seed mixtures, available to Românian retail consumers in recent years, as follows: 'Landscaper Pro Finesse’, 'Landscaper Pro Performance’, 'Turfline DLF’, 'Gebrauhsrasen Schattenrasen’, 'Turfline DLF Sunshine’, 'Landscaper Pro Rapid’, 'DLF Ecolawn’ and 'Landscaper Pro Sun&Shade’. Within the study, the seed mixtures were sown in a growing chamber with controlled temperature and lighting period for 14 days. The results indicated that the best germination percentage was obtained by the turf seed mixture named 'Landscaper Pro Rapid’ (Festuca rubra 'Cathrine’ 15%, Lolium perenne 'Vermino’ 40%, Lolium perenne 'Groundforce’ 35%, Poa pratensis 'Heatmaster’ 10%).

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