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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Cristian MĂRĂCINEANU, Nicolae GIUGEA, Ecaterina MĂRĂCINEANU, Ramona CĂPRUCIU

Climate is the result of the interaction of biotope factors. It is important for cultivated plants because it ensures the passage of the vegetation phases. Climate change may require the adaptation of cultivation technology, the change of varieties or the modification of the cultivation area. For this reason, the paper studies the evolution of the climate in Oltenia, a historical region located in the south-west of România. This region is important from an agricultural point of view (cereals, grapevine, vegetables). This study is based on weather records (e.g. hours of sunshine, annual rainfall, monthly precipitation, average monthly temperature, average annual temperature) over a long period of time, obtained from the Craiova weather station. In order to show the climate trend in Oltenia, the statistical indices of the data series were calculated (e.g. arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation). The thermic and water resources of a territory can be important for characterizing the existing climate. As a result, the values of these climatic factors were used to calculate two ecological indicators: the Martonne's aridity index and the Lang's humidity index. The obtained results were included in the tables and represented graphically and show the evolution of the climate in Oltenia over the last fifty years.

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