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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXVI, Issue 2
Written by Luminița CATANĂ, Monica CATANĂ, Anda-Grațiela BURNETE, Florica CONSTANTINESCU, Adrian Constantin ASĂNICĂ

Fermentation of the dough with sourdough cause the improvement of the sensory and nutritional qualities of bakery products. Also, sourdough bakery products (in a longer fermentation process) are digested more slowly in the human body, which causes a lower glycemic impact on the human body. This paper presents the research results undertaken to obtain the organic sourdough mini baguette fortified with Jerusalem artichoke flour, for diabetics. This product has superior sensory qualities, high nutritional value, has antioxidant capacity and low glycemic index, being in the diet of diabetics. Thus, the mini baguette fortified with jerusalem artichoke flour, is distinguished by the content in mineral elements (K: 245.17-260.85 mg/100 g; Ca: 136.21-145.21 mg/100 g; Mg: 90.02-98.45 mg/100 g; Fe: 1.88-1.97 mg/ 100 g; Zn: 1.47-1.56 mg/100 g), total fiber (8.94-9.75 mg/100 g), total polyphenols (115.75-118.98 mg GAE/100 g). Also, this bakery product has antioxidant capacity (125.43-128.65 mg Trolox/100 g) and has low content in available carbohydrates (39.24-38.15%). The use of sourdough in the organic mini baguette composition ensures its freshness and microbiological stability for a period of at least 4 days. The use of sourdough as a natural fermentation agent and Jerusalem artichoke flour as a fortifying agent ensures a mini-baguette with superior sensory qualities, high nutritional value and antioxidant capacity, which can be used in the prevention and diet therapy of diabetes.

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