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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LX
Written by Mehmet Ali GUNDOGDU, Alper DARDENIZ, Baboo ALI, Ahmet Faruk PEKMEZCI

This research work has been conducted in the trail areas of the 'Research and Application Vineyard of Table Grape Varieties’ situated in 'COMU Dardanos Campus’ during the years 2013 and 2014 in order to determine pomological and biochemical compositions on berries in different parts of clusters of some table grape cultivars namely, 'Cardinal’, 'Yalova Cekirdeksizi’ and 'Yalova Incisi’. In the research, the samplings have been done from the berries randomly on top of clusters (TC), middle outer side of clusters (MOC), middle inner side of clusters (MIC) and tip of cluster (TIC) of grape varieties (initial clusters). The heaviest amount of berries has been obtained from the MOC of the 'Cardinal’, 'Yalova Cekirdeksizi’ and 'Yalova Incisi’ cultivars. The ripest berries (SSC TA-1) had been taken in TC in 'Cardinal’, TC, MOC and MIC in 'Yalova Cekirdeksizi’ and TC, MOC and MIC in 'Yalova Incisi’ cultivars. In particular, berries of TIC were found more small–light, and a little bit unmatured than berries of other parts of clusters in 'Cardinal’ and 'Yalova İncisi’ grape cultivars. Pomological and biochemical compositions of berries on different parts of cluster may vary considerably, and also it has been changed at different grape cultivars. For this purpose, the regular monitoring of the maturity level of table and wine grape cultivars should be done by following the precautionary measures. It has also been determined that the samplings should have to be done in equal number from at least 3 different parts such as top, middle and tip sides of clusters. Nevertheless, the tip portions, having the latest blooming on flower clusters to be cut in certain proportions just after the berry formation, have been projected that they will provide an increase in that of the volume and maturity in those berries remaining on clusters.

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