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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LX
Written by Aurelia DIACONU, Cho EUN-GI, Reta DRĂGICI, Mihaela CROITORU, Marieta PLOAE, Iulian DRĂGHICI, Milica DIMA

Variability of climate, especially lack of rain and low fertility psamosoils determines that surfaces quite stretched in most crop yields to be much reduced. In this context, the choice assortment of plants and varieties with high adaptability to the harsh conditions of climate and soil is a necessity for obtaining high yields, stable and reliable, that provide increased energy needs of the population food. Research conducted during 2013-2015 at the Research - Development Center for Agricultural Plants on Sands, Dabuleni, highlights a favorable microclimate for plant growth and development of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas). The values recorded physiological indices sweet potato grown in climatic conditions in the sandy soils of southern Oltenia showed that it easily adapts to the conditions of excess heat here is a plant heat-loving and light. Productions made from sweet potato varieties Pumpkin (KSP1) and Chestnut (KSC 1), sandy soil conditions studied ranged 17428kg / ha and 35467 kg / ha depending on the crop and cultivated variety. We showed correlations between tuber production and the amount of degrees of temperature recorded in air (r = 0.904; r = 0.992). Also between rainfall and production carried out by two varieties of sweet potato is negative correlations (r = -0.642; r = - 0.848). These correlations highlight the specificity of the plant to dry climate. Nutritional quality presented values differentiated to the two varieties studied, according to the year of culture.

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