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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LX
Written by Akife DALDA ŞEKERCİ, Tuğçe TECİRLİ, Osman GÜLŞEN

Boraginaceae is an important family distributed worldwide that includes herbs, subshrubs, shrubs, or trees. The paper aims to introduce a potential ornamental plant in the Kayseri city of Turkey. Belonging to the family Boraginaceae, the plants of Heliotropium greuteri naturally occur. In this study, 50 genotypes were examined for two morphological features (leaf size and flower diameter). The data obtained in the study were analysed with SPSS statistical software. Heliotropium gruteri genotypes indicated quite different characteristics studied in this region. Leaf size is highly variable (11- 42 cm) and leaf sizes of genotype 2, 9 and 17 are the largest; genotypes 37, 42 and 44 mm have smaller leaves. Looking at the flower top diameter, genotypes had values between 8.09 and 12.37 mm. Genotypes 25, 39 and 9 have the highest flower top diameters and genotypes 31, 10, 48 have the smallest flowers. No significant difference between genotypes in terms of flowers top diameter was detected. There was no correlation between leaf length and diameter of flower diameter. Thus, with fragrant flowers, it is suitable for use as a ground cover, which provides a decorative appearance to their environment, which can grow even in rocky areas, affected by harsh winds. They are able to tolerate moving and attracts honey bees as well. Because of the many features of H. greuteri such as drought tolerance and fragrance, it can have potential as ornamental plant. They can be suggested in parks, road sites, cemeteries and all low input areas as well as high input areas.

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