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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXI
Written by Nilda ERSOY, Osman TEKİNARSLAN, Ulaş GÖKTAŞ, Elif AKÇAY ÖZGÜR, Ayşe METİN, Ramazan GÖKTÜRK, Gürkan KAYA

Tomatoes have become one of the most popular and widely grown vegetables around the world. Nowadays, tomato cultivation with soilless agriculture has gained popularity. Sustainability of good farming practices seems to be quite high compared to other agricultural production systems. This research was carried out in the Serik District of Antalya to demonstrate the effectiveness of good agriculture practices in the greenhouse cultivation of soilless tomatoes. The varieties taken in the experiment were Gülpembe grafted on Beaufort rootstock. In the study, pesticide residue levels were determined in fruit extracts as well as analyses for water. Extraction steps and all analyses were carried out at the Proanaliz Food Control Laboratory. High-precision analytical instruments such as LC-MS / MS and GC-MS were used for pesticides residues. A total of 1025 pesticide active substances were analysed in LC-MS / MS and 117 pesticide active substances in GC-MS in fruit extracts. In this research carried out in 2015 and 2016, samples of both years were not found to be detectable to the tolerance values of Turkish Food Codex (TFC).

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