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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXI
Written by Elisabeta DOBRESCU, Sanda PETREDEANU

Urban green spaces are defined as city areas where complex interaction of environmental, human, socio-economic and cultural factors take place, that gives us a dynamic perspective, but with some stability, given by the customs and values of a society under transformation. The valuable urban landscape, both culturally and in terms of the quality of urban life, is a subject that can be approached among climate, social, and territorial changes attempt by the city in its evolution. Urban green spaces under increased real estate and social pressure are gradually diminished in terms of quality and value. This leads to focusing on elements that serve as memorial landmarks, heritage landscape that can define and characterize the evolution of a society. The secular trees, or those white aesthetic, historical, memorial and social value, are such cultural landmarks that require great attention, taking into account their value, doubled by the lack of a perspective to protect and preserve historical and landscape significance. In the current context, public or private green areas of Bucharest has a total of 110 specimens of protected trees, considered natural monuments, according to the List of protected trees, managed by the Romanian Academy. An urban green area less known but very valuable, containing a single area with almost a third of the total number of trees mentioned on this list, is represented by the area owned by the National Bank of Romania, located near the pier of Dambovita, better known by citizens as the place of sports competitions NBR Arenas. The 31 trees of the Platanus x acerifolia species present in this site require thorough research, are considered, in an advanced state of decay. Our study aims to raise awareness and advertise, this concentrated protected historic landscape site, in order to initiate a complex process of integrated and differentiated management of the tree vegetation of cultural identity and social values.

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