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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXIV, Issue 1
Written by Mădălina BUTAC, Zoya KAZLOUSKAYA, Mihai CHIVU, Bogdan ZAMFIRESCU

In last year’s, as a result of the biological material exchange with different fruit growing institutes from Europe, a large number of plum varieties have been introduced into the culture. The aim of this study was to evaluate the behaviour of some plum varieties with different origins (Belarus, Russia, Estonia and USA) in the climatic conditions of Maracineni, Arges area. In 2016-2018 periods, at 13 plum varieties ('Kometa’, 'Vilnor’, 'Kadri’, 'Nesmeyana’, 'Lama’, 'Soneyka’, 'Dalikatnaya’, 'Asloda’, 'Okskaya’, 'Wanette’, 'Mirnaya’, 'Vengherka Kaukaskaya’, 'Vengherka Belaruskaya’) were evaluated phenological traits (flowering and ripening time) and some fruits characteristics (shape, colour, weight, soluble solids content, titratable acidity and firmness). The most plum varieties studied were characterized by early flowering (about 7 days earlier than most plum varieties cultivated in Romania) and early ripening (the first two decade of July). The skin color varied from yellow ('Soneyka’ cv) to blue ('Vilnor’, 'Kadri’, 'Okskaya’, 'Wanette’, 'Vengherka Kaukaskaya’, 'Vengherka Belaruskaya’ cvs.). The 'Lama’ variety was noted by skin and flesh red of fruits. The average fruit weight ranged from 22.21 g ('Kometa’ cv.) to 50.41 g ('Vengherska Beloruskaya’ cv.). The following varieties were noted for large fruits (over 40 g): 'Lama’, 'Dalikatnaya’, 'Asaloda’, 'Okskaya’, 'Mirnaya’, 'Vengherka Kaukaskaya’ and 'Vengherka Belaruskaya’. The 'Soneyka’ and 'Vengherka Kaukaskaya’ were clearly differentiated by firmness (64.0 N, respectively 56.06 N), while the 'Wanette’ and 'Mirnaya’ cvs. were differentiated by the high content in soluble solids (19.25% respectively 18.75% Brix).

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