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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXIV, Issue 1
Written by Constantin PĂUN, Ligia ION

The researches were carried out in the experimental field of the Faculty of Horticulture Bucharest in a super intensive orchard of apple, established in 2010 for study the alternation of fructification at new varieties of apple. Three romanian varieties 'Redix', 'Generos' and 'Iris' were studied during 4 years starting with 2016. The trees were grafted on the M9 rootstock and planted at 4 x 1 m, with a density of 2500 trees/ha. The research included three varieties represented by the variety and each repetition included three trees. Determinations were made regarding the morphological characteristics of the trees, percentage of fecundations flowers, the number of fruits on the tree, and productivity. The three apple varieties have high fructification potential, 'Redix' 22 kg/tree, 'Generos' 20 kg/tree and 'Iris' 18 kg/tree. In 2017 the production on the tree decreased with 75% in the 'Redix' variety, with 64% in the 'Generos' variety and with 58% in the Iris variety. In the years with high production, the average weight of the fruits was 180 g at variety 'Redix', 168 g at 'Generos' variety and 160 g at Iris variety and in the years with low production, the weight of the fruits increased, being 230 g at 'Redix' variety, 186 g at 'Generos' variety and 185 g at Iris. Fruit production fluctuates from year to year in the same agrotechnical conditions, and the size of the fruits was influenced by the number of fruits per tree. The alternation of fructification was very intense in the varieties cultivated in superintensive system and affects the level of production.

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