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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Olimpia Alina IORDĂNESCU, Carmen IUGA, Nicoleta HĂDĂRUGĂ, Alexandra BECHERESCU, Anca DRĂGUNESCU, Maria BĂLA, Daniela SCEDEI

Known since ancient times, the apple remains one of the most appreciated fruits of temperate climate, contributing to a good functionality of the human body through its complex chemical composition, being recommended in the prophylaxis or control of many diseases, such as: liver, cardiovascular, renal, insomnia, rheumatic diseases et al. In Banat, Șiria area in Arad County, is among the areas with tradition in the cultivation of this fruit species. This paper, part of a larger research conducted in a doctoral thesis, aimed at a comparative study of the fruit quality on apple cultivars found in the private orchards of several families in Șiria area and cultivars purchased from various supermarkets in Arad and Lipova. The paper presents results on the fruits quality in three cosmopolitan cultivars: Starkrimson, Florina and Golden delicious, which could be purchased both from private orchards and from various stores. For example, in terms of the size and appearance of the fruit studied in the Starkrimsom cultivar, it was found that the fruit from three locations had higher values than those from the store; the content in mineral substances (g/100 g product) varied between 0.144 for the fruits in the store and 0.662. respectively 0.900 for the fruits from the same two locations; the sugar content had quite close values between samples, however, one of the private locations was highlighted (15.3oBrix); the total polyphenol content exceeded the value in the supermarket in four of the five locations. The fruit weight of Florina cultivar apples was higher than those from the supermarket, with one exception. The content in minerals and sugars exceeded in two locations the fruits from the store; while the polyphenols exceeded in all five private orchards the value of the fruits purchased from the store (1491.7 ppm compared to 650.9 ppm). In the Golden delicious cultivar, the appearance and fruit weight were superior in the case of those in the supermarket, but the content in mineral substances and in the sugars was higher for the local fruits than for those in the store. The polyphenols accumulated in the fruit exceeded in three of the five locations the value of those from the fruits purchased in the store.

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