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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Ioan ZAGRAI, Luminița ZAGRAI, Georgeta GUZU, Claudiu MOLDOVAN, Smaranda ROŞU-MAREŞ, Anca ŞOFRON

A survey to assess the phytoviral status of eleven new plum orchards established in Moldova region from Romania was carried out in 2020. Sampling trees were tested by DAS-ELISA for the presence of six viruses: Plum pox (PPV), Prune dwarf (PDV), Prunus necrotic ring spot (PNRSV), Apple chlorotic leaf spot (ACLSV), Apple mosaic (ApMV) and Myrobalan latent ringspot (MLRSV). Ten out of eleven surveyed plum orchards proved to be infected by at least one virus. PPV infections have been present in ten orchards, with a rate between 0.5-79%, which reflects a rather serious situation if we take into account that the orchards are young. Infections with PDV were present in two orchards with a rate between 5-15%, while PNRSV was confirmed in other two orchards with a rate between 15-30%. Overall, the average of infection rate of PPV in the surveyed orchards from Moldova was 19.4%, of PDV was 1.8% and of PNRSV was 4.1%. No infection with ACLSV, ApMV and MLRSV was found in the surveyed orchards.

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