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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Marioara PUŞCALĂU, Ionica BOSOI, Camelia-Alina DÎRLOMAN

The reality of climate change is accepted by the vast majority of the scientific community (IPCC, 2014). Among human activities, agriculture - especially viticulture - is highly dependent on climatic conditions during the growing season. This paper aims to address a complex study on the evolution / trend of the main annual climate indicators and during the vegetation period (air temperature, precipitation, insolation, air hygroscopicity) and climate indicators with synthetic character (Ihr, CH, Ibcv , IAOe) in the viticultural area of Odobeşti vineyard. The climatic data analyzed in this study were recorded at the weather station of R.S.V.O. Odobeşti, in the period 1946-2020, during 75 years. The analysis of the recorded data highlighted clear trends in the evolution of climatic factors in the Odobeşti wine ecosystem, which certifies the reality of phenomena specific to climate change, with a direct impact on the vegetative and productive potential of vineyards. There is an increase in the annual and average values of the analyzed climatic indicators and an increasing frequency of extreme climatic phenomena.

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