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Published in Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LXII
Written by Daniel RĂDUȚOIU, Cătălin George SIMEANU, Ion STAN

The halophilic flora from Oltenia is known only from few localities: Gighera, Seaca de Câmp, Bratovoiești, Sadova, Tâmburești, Piscu Sadovei, Murta, Dobrești, Afumați (Dolj County), Ocnele Mari - Ocnița (Vâlcea County), Osica de Sus, Gura Padinii (Olt County). By identification of new surfaces with halophilic plant species inside Oltenia region (Rastu Vechi - Dolj County) are brought important contributions regarding the chorology of these plant species, associations and habitats. The halophilic vegetation is fragmentary present near springs and small streams with salt water. From the habitats with halophilic vegetation in Romania on the area investigated by us we find: R1511 West-Pontic communities with Crypsis aculeata, R1514 West-Pontic communities with Trifolium fragiferum, Cynodon dactylon and Ranunculus sardous, R1521 Pontic-Sarmatic communities with Puccinellia limosa and Plantago maritima, R1529 Pontic-Pannonian meadows with Hordeum hystrix and R1507 Pontic-Pannonian meadows with Carex distans, Taraxacum bessarabicum and Aster tripolium ssp. pannonicus. Some of these habitats have a high conservative value (ex. R1521) while others do not know area in this country side (ex. R1507).

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